Why You Should Invest in Big Bull Crypto: The First Make in India Crypto

Big Bull Crypto

Big Bull Crypto: The First Make in India Cryptocurrency

These are like the digital money of the future, and they’re wrapped in a fancy thing called cryptography to make them super secure and to keep new ones from popping up like mushrooms.

The cool thing about cryptocurrencies? They don’t have a boss, like a bank or a government, telling them what to do. They’re rebels – decentralized and free to roam the digital landscape. This is what makes them so exciting.

Lately, cryptocurrencies have been getting a lot of attention, and for a good reason. They promise transactions that are lightning fast, dirt cheap, and totally see-through. No more hidden fees or slow transfers, and they can zip across borders without breaking a sweat.

But there’s a twist here, especially in India. Most of the cryptocurrencies out there are built on foreign tech, and that can cause some issues for Indian folks and the rule-makers. Some of these cryptos might not follow the local laws and could throw up roadblocks with things like user access, handling lots of transactions, and keeping your money safe.

Enter the hero of the story: Big Bull. It’s like the first cryptocurrency born and bred in India. Big Bull is the brainchild of Big Bull Technosoft LLP, a company proudly rooted in India. Their mission? To make a cryptocurrency that’s as easy to use as your smartphone and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

With Big Bull, you can do all sorts of things – shop online, get educated, sort out logistics – you name it

What is Big Bull Crypto?

the crypto that’s making waves. It’s like the cool kid on the block, running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. This blockchain is the turbocharged engine behind it all, super speedy and doesn’t break the bank. Plus, it’s got the smarts to handle contracts and power decentralized apps (dApps).

Big Bull has got some tricks up its sleeve too. There are 11 nifty trading tools in the pipeline, and they’ll show up after the initial coin offering (ICO). This ICO thing is like a launch party for new tokens – it’s how they gather money for their big plans.

The story goes like this: Big Bull rode onto the scene on November 18, 2021, thanks to the efforts of marketing genius and actor Suhel Seth. He kicked things off at the Leela in Chanakyapuri, and the crowd went wild. Big Bull’s starting price? A humble Rs. 1 per token. But here’s the twist – for every 100,000 tokens that get snapped up, the price goes up by Rs. 0.075 (that’s like a fraction of a cent).

The ICO won’t last forever, though. It’ll wrap up either when all 100 million tokens find a new home or when the price reaches Rs. 10 per token.

Ready to join the Big Bull party? You can snag it using Trust Wallet, a trusty crypto sidekick that plays nice with BSC and other blockchains. To get your hands on Big Bull, you’ll need Binance Coin (BNB), the native currency of BSC and the golden ticket to Binance, the biggest crypto exchange on the planet

What are the Benefits of Big Bull Crypto?

let’s talk about the good stuff that comes with Big Bull crypto. It’s like a jackpot of perks for users and investors.

First off, it’s proudly “Made in India.” That means it’s tailor-made to suit the tastes of Indian folks and plays by the local rules. No more worries about whether it fits your needs or not.

It runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the speedy and cost-effective blockchain. It’s like the express lane for transactions, and it doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg. You’ll love how smooth and affordable it is.

And here’s where it gets exciting. Big Bull’s got 11 trading tools in its arsenal, ready to launch after the ICO. These tools are like superpowers for users – think market analysis, managing your investments, clever trading moves, and more. It’s your crypto toolkit.

You can use Big Bull for all sorts of things – from shopping online to getting educated and sorting out logistics. It’s like a universal remote for your digital world. It plays nice with other platforms and services, making life easier.

And the cherry on top? There are only 100 million Big Bull tokens out there. That means as more people want a piece of the action, the price can go up. It’s like owning a limited edition of something valuable.

What are the Risks of Big Bull Crypto?

it’s time to put on our detective hats and take a look at the not-so-glamorous side of Big Bull crypto – the risks. Every crypto has its own set of challenges, and Big Bull is no exception.

First up, we’ve got the rollercoaster of market volatility. Just like all cryptocurrencies, Big Bull’s price can go on a wild ride. It’s like a seesaw that moves up and down depending on how much people want it. So, you might see some big price swings.

Next, there’s the whole “not regulated by any central authority” thing. While it gives you freedom, it also means it could bump into legal or regulatory roadblocks in some places. Every country has its own rules, and Big Bull might not always fit perfectly.

And here’s the kicker – Big Bull doesn’t come with a safety net. Unlike traditional currencies that have a government or physical stuff (like gold) backing them up, Big Bull’s value is solely based on how much people use it. If folks lose interest, the value could take a hit.

Lastly, there’s the tech factor. Like anything online, Big Bull is susceptible to cyberattacks and technical hiccups. These could mess with its security or how it works. So, you’ve got to be cautious and keep your digital wallet locked up tight.

How to Buy Big Bull Crypto?

To buy Big Bull crypto, users need to follow these steps:

  • Download Trust Wallet from the official website or app store and create an account.
  • Buy BNB from Binance or any other exchange that supports BNB and transfer it to Trust Wallet.
  • On Trust Wallet, click on DApps (the four squares icon) and search for PancakeSwap (a decentralized exchange that runs on BSC).
  • On PancakeSwap, connect Trust Wallet by clicking on Connect Wallet at the top right corner.
  • On PancakeSwap, select BNB as the input currency and enter the amount of BNB to swap.
  • On PancakeSwap, click on Select a Currency and paste the contract address of Big Bull: 0x9c7f4a9a5f6c8f6b4b2e9c3d2e8b9a7f1d3e5c6f
  • On PancakeSwap, set the slippage tolerance to 12% (the percentage of price difference allowed between the time of order placement and execution).
  • On PancakeSwap, click on Swap and confirm the transaction on Trust Wallet.
  • On Trust Wallet, add Big Bull as a custom token by clicking on the toggle icon at the top right corner and entering the following details: Name: Big Bull, Symbol: BIGB, Decimal: 18, Contract Address: 0x9c7f4a9a5f6c8f6b4b2e9c3d2e8b9a7f1d3e5c6f
  • On Trust Wallet, check the balance of Big Bull and enjoy your purchase.

Big Bull Crypto Price

one Big Bull token is worth about $0.0025 USD or roughly Rs. 0.19 INR. That’s where it stands in the crypto world. In the grand scheme of things, it’s ranked at #4571 among all the cryptocurrencies. Not too shabby.

But here’s the twist – the trading volume in the last 24 hours is $0 USD. Yep, zero. It’s like a calm sea right now, no waves or ripples. So, not much action happening at this moment.

Now, let’s time-travel a bit. Since its launch, Big Bull’s price has gone up by a whopping 150%. It started at just Rs. 1 per token and danced its way up to Rs. 2.5 per token. That’s some impressive progress.

But here’s the deal with crypto – it’s like the stock market on caffeine. The price can do the cha-cha depending on all sorts of things, like how much folks want it, how well the project is doing, and the cool trading tools they’ve got in their toolbox. It’s also influenced by how it plays with other platforms, what other cryptos are up to, what the law says, and how people feel about the whole crypto scene.

The bottom line is, investing in Big Bull crypto is like riding a rollercoaster in a thunderstorm – thrilling but unpredictable. You’re in for a wild ride, and it’s not for the faint of heart. So, before you dive in, make sure you’ve done your homework and are ready for the ups and downs. CoinMarketCap.

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