how to make money on amazon without selling

how to make money on amazon without selling

how to make money on amazon without selling


Amazon Influencers ProgramMake video reviews for Amazon products and earn commissions on every item people buy through your linksNo inventory investment, ads, or shipping required; High commission rates for some categories; Opportunity to use the Amazon platformNeed to have a large and engaged audience; Need to create high-quality and honest videos; Need to optimize your videos for SEO
Amazon Associates ProgramShare products you endorse on your blog or social media and earn commissions on every item people buy through your linksNo inventory investment, ads, or shipping required; High commission rates for some categories; Commissions apply to all purchases made through your linkNeed to have a large and engaged audience; Need to provide value and trust to your followers; Need to comply with Amazon’s policies and guidelines
Amazon Customer ServiceWork remotely as a customer service representative for Amazon and answer customer questionsFlexible hours and location; Competitive pay and benefits; Opportunity to work for a reputable companyNeed to have excellent communication and problem-solving skills; Need to have a reliable internet connection and equipment; Need to deal with customer complaints and issues
Amazon FlexDrive and deliver packages with Amazon Flex and earn money based on your time and locationFlexible hours and location; High earning potential depending on demand and tips; Opportunity to work independentlyNeed to have a valid driver’s license and vehicle; Need to cover your own expenses such as gas, maintenance, and insurance; Need to deal with traffic and weather conditions
Amazon Trade-InTrade in your old Amazon products for Amazon gift cardsEasy and convenient way to get rid of unwanted items; No shipping or handling fees required; Opportunity to upgrade your devicesLimited selection of eligible products; Low value for some items; Need to wait for the trade-in process to complete
Amazon Mechanical TurkPerform simple tasks online for various requesters and earn money based on the task difficulty and qualityFlexible hours and location; Variety of tasks available; Opportunity to learn new skillsLow pay for some tasks; High competition for some tasks; Need to meet the requester’s requirements and expectations



how to make money on amazon without selling

Amazon isn’t just your typical online store for buying stuff. It’s actually a pretty cool place where you can make some extra cash without dealing with all that inventory and shipping hassle. In this blog, we’re gonna dive into seven super simple ways you can make money on Amazon, and the best part? You don’t even have to sell a single product! These methods are all about low investment and can be started by absolutely anyone who’s got a bit of determination and dedication.. 

how to make money on amazon without selling

Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon Associates):

      Ready to boost your income? Amazon’s Affiliate Program has your back! It’s as easy as optioin below

  • Sign Up: Join the program and handpick products that match your niche. 
  • Craft Engaging Content: Get creative! Share valuable info and sneak those affiliate links in. 
  • Watch the Magic Happen: When someone clicks your link and shops, cha-ching! You earn a sweet commission. 

Publish Kindle eBooks: 

  • Write Away: Share your wisdom or spin a tale. Write and format your eBook – it’s your canvas. 
  • Cover It Up: Design a cover that’ll make readers do a double-take. Eye-catching is the name of the game! 
  • Publish with KDP: Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform is your launchpad. Hit publish and reach the world. 
  • Rake in the Rewards: Every eBook sale means royalties in your pocket. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk): 

  • Sign Up: Get started by signing up; it’s a breeze. 
  • Task Time: Browse through a variety of tasks. Take your pick and dive in. 
  • Cash In: Complete tasks, and watch your earnings grow. It’s that simple! 

Write Reviews: 

“Did you know you can turn your opinions into cash on Amazon? Yes, you can get paid for writing product reviews! 

  • Join the Reviewing Party: Join platforms like Amazon Vine, or take matters into your own hands by reaching out to sellers who appreciate honest feedback. 
  • Write with Integrity: Keep it real! Make sure your reviews are top-notch and totally unbiased. 

Amazon Handmade: 

  • Showcase Your Craft: This platform is all about showcasing your unique, handcrafted goodies. 
  • Share Your Magic: Let the world see your talent. Reach a big, wide audience with your creations. 

Merch by Amazon: 

  • Design Magic: Create cool custom t-shirt designs and more. 
  • Amazon’s Got Your Back: Amazon handles the tricky stuff like printing and shipping. 
  • Cash in Style: For every sale, you pocket a sweet royalty. 

Amazon Influencer Program: 

  • Join the Squad: Sign up and become an official Amazon influencer. 
  • Share the Love: Showcase your favorite Amazon finds to your awesome followers. 
  • Cash for Your Recommendations: When your fans make purchases through your suggestions, you earn sweet commissions. 


making money on Amazon without the hassle of selling products directly is totally doable! The secret sauce is to use what you’ve got – your skills, knowledge, and the tools at your fingertips – to tap into the multitude of income opportunities Amazon lays out. Whether you’re a wordsmith, an artistic soul, a savvy marketer, or just looking for some quick tasks, Amazon’s got a piece of the pie for you. Keep in mind that overnight success might be rare, but with a sprinkle of dedication and a dash of perseverance, you’ll find yourself raking in the dough on Amazon, all without ever touching a physical product. Cheers to your Amazon adventure!” 

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