The Salon Centric Credit Card: A Review and Comparison with Other Options

The Complete Guide to Credit Cards Focused on Salons

If you work as a professional in the hair and beauty business and would like to apply for the Salon Centric credit card, you can potentially save money and receive rewards on your professional expenditures. This card, provided by Comenity Capital Bank, is accepted at a number of Salon Centric locations and lets you earn points for your purchases. We’ll go over all the details of the Salon Centric credit card in this post, including its benefits, features, related costs, and how to apply.

The Salon Centric Credit Card: What Is It?

A rewards credit card designed specifically for users in the professional hair and beauty industry is the Salon Centric credit card. It is a store card that can only be used at Salon Centric locations, unlike general-purpose credit cards. One of the leading distributors of salon supplies in the US, Salon Centric has more than 150 brands of items for skin care, hair care, color, style, tools, and nail care.

The Salon Centric Credit Card offers what advantages?

The Salon Centric credit card provides its customers with a number of worthwhile advantages, including:

  1. Earn Rewards: You can get 4% back on your purchases when you use the Salon Centric credit card. You will be rewarded $10 for every 250 points that you have acquired.
  2. Discounted Education: When using the Salon Centric credit card to make a transaction, cardholders can receive a 20% discount on Salon Centric education classes.
  3. Exclusive Events: Use your Salon Centric credit card to receive an additional 5% off brand shop and learn events.
  4. Savings on Your First Purchase: If you apply for and are granted approval for the Salon Centric credit card now, you may be able to start saving right away by taking up to $250 off your first purchase.

What Benefits Does the Salon Centric Credit Card Offer?

It’s important to understand the Salon Centric credit card’s main benefits before applying:

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): This card offers an APR of 29.99% on purchases. It’s crucial to remember that this rate could change depending on the prime rate and market conditions.
  • Minimum Interest Charge: There is a $2.00 minimum interest charge for each credit plan, which you should take into account when handling your money.
  • No Annual charge: The Salon Centric credit card is an affordable option for qualified clients because it does not have an annual charge, in contrast to certain other credit cards.
  • Fees for Late and Returned Payments: The card has a $40 late payment fee, so it’s critical to remember when to make your payments. In addition, if there are insufficient funds, there is a $295 maximum returned payment cost.
  • Convenient Application: This card’s application process is simple and adaptable. In order to provide accessibility for prospective cardholders, you have the option of applying online or in-store at participating Salon Centric locations.

How Can I Apply for a Credit Card at Salon Centric?

It’s quick and simple to apply for a Salon Centric credit card. Applying in-person or online is available at participating locations. In order to apply online, you must:

  • Go to the Official Web Page: Start by going to the Salon Centric credit card’s official website. To begin the application process, locate and click the “Apply” button.
  • Fill out the application: Complete the application by providing your personal information. In order to do this, you must supply details about your name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, date of birth, and income. It is vital to make sure that this information is accurate.
  • Examine Terms and Conditions: Please take a moment to go over the terms and conditions related to the card before completing your application. It’s critical to comprehend the card’s terms, charges, and guidelines.
  • Send in Your Application: Send in your application as soon as you’ve read the terms and conditions and are comfortable with the information that has been provided. You will typically get a response immediately, letting you know the status of your application.
  • Approval and Savings: In the event that your application is accepted, you’ll get temporary account details and a coupon code. When you utilize these details to make your first purchase, you may save as much as $250.

In order to apply in-store, you must:

  • Ask a colleague for an application when you visit a Salon Centric location that is participating.
  • Provide your personal details (name, address, phone number, email, social security number, date of birth, income, etc.) on the application form.
  • Examine and accept the card’s terms and conditions.
  • Send in your application, then watch for a response. In most circumstances, you will get a response right away.
  • If accepted, you will get temporary account details and a coupon code that you can use to save up to $2504 on your first purchase.


What is it?

A rewards card for pro beauty customers at Salon Centric.

How to apply?

Online or in-store at participating locations.

What are the benefits? 

4% back, 20% off classes, 5% off events, up to $250 off first purchase.

What are the fees and rates?

 No annual fee, 29.99% APR, $2 minimum interest charge, up to $40 late fee, up to $29 returned payment fee

How to manage account?

Online or via phone

How to contact customer service? 

Call 1-855-823-7001 or mail Comenity Capital Bank PO Box 183003 Columbus, OH 43218 or send a message via Secure Message Center.

In conclusion

For those working in the hair and beauty industry, the Salon Centric credit card is a great option because it provides a special chance to reduce costs and accrue benefits on professional expenditures. Its benefits include the chance to save up to $250 on your first purchase, a large discount on education sessions and brand shop and learn events, and a generous 4% reward on purchases. Notable aspects of this card include its unusually high annual percentage rate, lack of an annual fee, late and returned payment costs, and restricted acceptance.

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