The Benefits of Using the Salon Centric Credit Card for Your Pro Purchases

salon centric credit card
IssuerComenity Capital Bank
Rewards4% back on purchases with the Salon Centric credit card
Benefits20% off Salon Centric education classes5% off Brand Shop & Learn Events
Payment OptionsOnline, phone, or mail
EligibilityProfessional hair and beauty industry customers

Looking to save big on your pro beauty supplies and gear? The SalonCentric Credit Card has your back, and it’s loaded with some awesome perks:

  1. Cash Back Galore: Get a solid 4% cash back on all your buys. That’s like free money back in your pocket.

  2. Discounts on Education: Score a sweet 20% off on SalonCentric education classes. Learn and save at the same time!

  3. Extra Brand Shop Savings: How about an extra 5% off during Brand Shop & Learn Events? Yep, this card’s got that too.

  4. Free Shipping: Orders over $100? Say goodbye to shipping fees. It’s on the house!

  5. Extended Warranty: You’re also covered with extended warranty protection on certain purchases. Extra peace of mind.

How to Apply for the Salon Centric Credit Card

You’ve got two options:

  1. Online Route: Head over to the SalonCentric website, and you can apply there. Just fill in your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, and toss in your income and job info.

  2. Give Them a Call: If you prefer talking to a real human, you can ring them up at 1-800-331-5548. They’ll guide you through the application process.

How to Use the Salon Centric Credit Card

Thinking about using the Salon Centric Credit Card? All you have to do is flash it when you’re checking out at a SalonCentric store or shopping online. You can also use it to pay for SalonCentric education classes and those fantastic Brand Shop & Learn Events.

How to Earn Rewards with the Salon Centric Credit Card

you can earn awesome rewards just by using your card for purchases? It’s as easy as pie! You’ll earn a sweet 4% cash back on everything you buy. Your rewards will magically appear in your account every month.

you can redeem your rewards for cash back, statement credits, or even some cool merchandise. To do that, just hop online and log in to your account or give us a quick ring at 1-800-331-5548

Benefits of the Salon Centric Credit Card

The SalonCentric Credit Card offers a variety of benefits to cardholders, including:

  • 4% cash back on all purchases
  • 20% off SalonCentric education classes
  • 5% extra off Brand Shop & Learn Events
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Extended warranty protection on eligible purchases

the SalonCentric Credit Card is your golden ticket! This card comes packed with a bunch of fantastic rewards and perks that’ll make your beauty-loving heart sing. Just imagine: you get a whopping 4% cash back on every purchase you make, a cool 20% discount on SalonCentric education classes, an extra 5% off at those fabulous Brand Shop & Learn Events, and to top it off, free shipping for orders over $100. Plus, your eligible purchases come with extended warranty protection.

If you’re a pro in the beauty business, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply for the SalonCentric Credit Card today, and start pocketing those savings on your professional beauty supplies and gear from day on

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